Technical Articles

Good software developers are always learning. Oftentimes, writing an article will solidify your knowledge of a topic. We publish some of these articles in our 10x zone; most of them are technical in nature and are geared towards developers.

  • Graduate from Sed and Sort to Lnav, the Logfile Navigator

    Many medical imaging applications run within a closed network. This arrangement can make investigating software bugs more difficult because the only readily available information is an (often vague and incomplete) recounting of the problem, a zip file filled with system and application logfiles, and the application source code.

  • Commentary on Code Complete: Refactoring

    Every week we choose a book chapter, article, or video about software development. Everyone reads or views the material independently, and then Friday afternoon we discuss and debate its contents. This article was derived from one of these discussions.

  • Decorating Async Javascript Functions

    In this article, we explore how to extend async Javascript functions using a functional design pattern—the decorator.

  • The Story of PIH Part I: The Problem

    One of the things I love about being a computer programmer, is that usually when something becomes boring or tedious, you can automate or abstract it. This is because the same qualities that make a task boring make it easy to automate or abstract. There are many examples of this in the software world:

  • Advanced BASH Exercises

    BASH is the most widely-used and widely-supported shell for Linux. There are other shells that are better than BASH in various ways, but we feel that none of these other shells are better enough to warrant replacing BASH as the de-facto standard when writing shell scripts. BASH is installed by default on almost all Unix-based operating systems, and the majority of the world’s shell scripts are written in BASH. For this reason, we suggest that all of our developers learn BASH.

  • Database Pools

    Developers often don’t think about database connection pools until they are having connection problems. This article explains the purpose of connection pools, how they work, and how to tune them, while remaining agnostic to a particular implementation. It also discusses other types of object pools.

We publish technical articles and coding case studies about topics we run into in the field.  

We publish technical articles and coding case studies about topics we run into in the field.