Our Mission, Values, and Handbook


Innolitics is mission driven. In this lesson we examine our mission, how we attempt to fulfill it, and our values. We familiarize you with our company handbook and its most relevant policies.

Learning Material

Read and reflect on our mission and values.

Carefully read through our company handbook.

If you haven’t already, spend some time looking through our company website.


We recommend that you write your response to each question, before revealing the provided answers.

Exercise 1

From memory, write down our company mission as accurately as possible.

Provided Answer

Our mission is to accelerate progress in medical imaging by

  • sharing knowledge
  • creating tools
  • providing quality services to our clients
with the ultimate purpose of improving patient health.

We do so while providing meaningful, flexible, and financially rewarding careers to our team.

Exercise 2

What are some specific ways that we pursue our company mission?

Provided Answer

The articles we write take on many purposes. Primarily, we focus on sharing our knowledge with others in the medical imaging field, hopefully accelerating progress in the field and ultimately improving patient health. For example, perhaps, by providing helpful information about the DICOM standard, regulatory compliance issues, etc., we can indirectly contribute towards the success of other companies. In addition to writing articles directly related to medical imaging, occasionally we share our expertise in other topics like management. For example, during the COVID-19 outbreak, when many people were forced to work from home, we published an article series about our tips and tricks for distributed work to help people transition to effective distributed working environments. You can read about our article writing process here.

Our open source libraries and tools are used by others. In particular, our DICOM standard browser is used by thousands of people around the world every month.

Most directly, through our client work with talented companies in the medical imaging space.

We hope that our mission-driven approach, high degree of team member autonomy, and our focus on education allows us to provide meaningful careers for our team.

Distrubuted work, flexible schedules, our sabbatical policy, and part-time leave policy all contribute towards a flexible work environment.

We provide financially rewarding careers by providing competitive salaries and benefits. We recognize skill and hard-work through bonuses and performance-related raises. As your technical skills, client-skills, and management skills grow and you contribute more to Innolitics’ mission, your salary will also grow. You can accelerate this process through on-going learning outside of work (writing articles is a great way to do this) and by finding opportunities to contribute to our mission outside of your client projects.

Exercise 3

Download 1Password, install the browser plugin, test it out, and learn its keyboard shortcuts. What is the keyboard shortcut for filling in login information? What is the purpose of a vault?

Provided Answer

On MacOS, Command-Backslash fills login information into the current page. On Linux and Windows it is Ctrl-Backslash. Vault members have access to all of the passwords in it. Thus, vaults provide a way to set the password permissions for groups of people. If you need more granular password permissions, you may need to create a new vault.

Exercise 4

Create a free Grammarly account (if you don’t have one) and save the login information in 1Password. Copy-paste something you have written recently to see how well you do.

Provided Answer

Here is a screenshot of Grammarly (March 2020), after pasting in the content of the lessons overview page:

Screenshot of Grammarly including some helpful tips

Exercise 5

Update your email signature so that it uses the format specified in the handbook.

Exercise 6

Review your Slack notification preferences, and update them as appropriate.

Exercise 7

Log in to Gusto, and add the company calendar to your preferred calendar application.

Exercise 8

Review the labor law posters for your state.

Exercise 9

What is the purpose of our standup messages?

Provided Answer

To inform other developers on your project what you are doing and plan on doing. This can help avoid merge conflicts, encourage opportunities for useful discussions, and more.

To inform developers who are not on your project about what you are working on (they are likely interested in it and may even have useful comments or pointers).

To provide an easily searchable record of what have worked on for performance reviews and end-of-year reviews.

Exercise 10

Follow our reimbursement policy to have your internet bill reimbursed.

Exercise 11

Review the health insurance plans we offer.

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