Contributing to Our Website


Some of the best ways to contribute to Innolitics outside of client work—writing articles, improving our training program, or polishing our handbook—involve updating our website. This lesson will introduce you to Jekyll, the static site generator that produces our website, and show you how you can contribute updates website.

Learning Material

Read through our article writing process.

Skim through the Jekyll documentation. The pages within the “CONTENT” and “SITE STRUCTURE” sections are especially relevant.

Keeping your understanding of Jekyll in mind, skim through our website’s source code.


We recommend that you write your response to each question, before revealing the provided answers.

Exercise 1

Why do we write articles for our website?

TODO: Write answer

Exercise 2

What is a static site generator?

TODO: Write answer

Exercise 3

Briefly describes how the raw source files for our website are transformed into the files that are served when you visit “”.

TODO: Write answer

Exercise 4

Set up a development copy of the website.

Exercise 5

Find a typo, a broken link, or an opportunity to improve the wording somewhere on our website. Create a pull request to fix this.