Reading List

This page includes lists of high-quality resources for learning a variety of topics relevant for Innolitics. These lists are meant primarily for our team.

Within each section, the resources should be added from “good to start with” to “more in depth or higher level.”

Relational Databases

The PostgreSQL Tutorial provides a nice introduction to SQL and to Postgres. Sections 3.5 and 3.6 are less relevant.

The Django Documentation about Models provides a nice description of how the Django ORM relates to the underlying database.

This Stanford Course is a great place to learn databases in-depth, including the mathematical foundations of relational databases. There is too much information here for practical day-to-day usage, but if you have time time and inclination, this course lays a great foundation.


Understanding the npm dependency model (2016) provides a clear mental model of how npm works and explains when you should use peerDependencies instead of dependencies.


Articles that provide a conceptual basis for how CSS works:

Articles that dive into particular aspects of CSS:

Articles that discuss approaches to CSS: