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Matt Hayden, Software Engineer, Cybersecurity

Matt Hayden


Hired: June 13, 2018


My background is applied math and statistics which promotes the skills of modeling and inference. My code usually implements a particular research method or network-level cybersecurity concern so I specialize in numerical and server-side programming. A few times I\'ve worked where these fields intersect for example the analysis of cryptocurrency markets and now medical imaging. These also happen to be weak in the theory of today\'s AI so you\'ll find my technicality helps with sophisticated and quantitative problem solving.


I've been an engineer on the Front Range of Colorado for under two decades, and I choose to work in domains that personally affect me, like medical imaging. Colorado attracts new people and I've had the luck of working with great ex-Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and now the excellent remote team at Innolitics.


I write bar trivia and if you're up for a challenge, I've lost to some of the
best. Ask me anything about the usual Colorado skill set of mountaineering and
less-than-extreme recreation. Because I live in a very rural community, I do
volunteer work that's very different from what comes up in suburbans and