Our Mission and Values


Our mission is to accelerate progress in medical imaging by sharing knowledge, creating tools, and providing quality services to our clients, with the ultimate purpose of improving patient health. We do so while providing meaningful, flexible, and financially rewarding careers to our team.


Pursue a deep understanding.

  • We don't just code and hack our way through problems.
  • We aren't satisfied just knowing that it works; we want to know why it works.
  • We view the computer logically and without superstition---there is no magic.

Continue learning.

  • We seek projects that will provide us an opportunity to learn.
  • We spend time most weeks learning and discussing topics related to our work.
  • We write articles to solidify our understanding.
  • We enjoy experimenting with new technologies so that we can use the best tools for the job.

Build quality software.

  • We write automated tests to guide our design and ensure our code continues working.
  • We write code that is as simple as possible for others to understand.
  • We prefer projects where we have the time to build the system architecture correctly from the beginning.

Treat our clients ethically.

  • We don't provide unrealistic project estimates to close deals.
  • We educate our clients so that they can make good business decisions instead of capitalizing on the lack of software expertise.
  • We recommend partner firms if we believe they would be more appropriate for a client's problem.
  • We write high-quality code so that it can be maintained as cheaply as possible.

Understand the business context.

  • We aim to understand the purpose of a feature before we build it.
  • We use technologies with the best interest of our clients in mind, even if they are less appealing to us as developers.
  • We don't waste time over-building features that are not relevant to the business.

Communicate clearly.

  • We value correct grammar and a strong grasp of the English language.
  • We write with a clear and professional tone in our external communication.
  • We try not to send vague or confusing emails.
  • We invest in improving our writing, presentation, and conversational skills.

Be responsible for our work.

  • We push hard to meet deadlines.
  • We don't leave sloppy bugs for others.
  • We don't leave broken code, even if we did not write it ourselves.
  • We try to solve problems before asking help but also know when to ask.
  • We continually and actively improve the development processes used in our projects.

Be pleasant to work with.

  • We help each other learn new things.
  • We compliment others when they write good code.
  • We try not to complain.
  • We don't dump our work on others.

Respect the autonomy of fellow developers.

  • We avoid micromanagement.
  • We value logic and reasoning over seniority when making technical decisions.
  • We avoid prescribing up-front solutions to problems; we prefer allowing developers to explore their ideas first.

Make the world better.

  • We love working with talented people, regardless of their age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or background.
  • We financially contribute to open source projects that we use.
  • We don't work on projects that we don't believe make the world better.
  • We don't work on projects that we don't believe will be used or will be useful for others.

Enjoy our work, and relax.

  • We want everyone on our team to enjoy their work.
  • We provide a flexible work environment.
  • We push back on unrealistic deadlines.
  • We encourage vacation to maintain a sustainable workload.