Software Engineer

This position is close to being filled

Although we haven't filled this position, we suspect we will soon. We respect your time and wanted you to know we may fill this position before you complete our interview process. You're welcome to still apply, and we may consider you for other roles—now or in the future.

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Thank you for your interest in Innolitics!

About Innolitics

We're a remote-only team of 12 software engineers helping accelerate progress in the medical device industry. We're doing this in a few ways: First and foremost, we help our clients write software for their medical devices. Second, we create tools to help startups efficiently navigate this highly regulated industry. Third, we share our knowledge through the articles we write.

Yujan and David, our founders, are both biomedical engineers and software developers. (Yujan is also an MD!) We've found some better ways of writing medical-device software that we believe will transform the industry. You can help us make this happen.

Investment in the medical device industry is booming due to COVID, and AI/ML is making its way into the clinic. It's a good time to be in this space and we expect to grow significantly over the next few years.

What you'll do as a Software Engineer at Innolitics

You’ll work with one of our clients, helping them write software for their medical devices. We usually follow an agile process and demo any notable progress to clients once a week. You’ll be responsible for gathering requirements from the client, architectural design, coding, testing, risk analysis, and documentation. You’ll also be responsible for reviewing other engineer’s code (and your code will be reviewed too).

Since we work in a regulated industry, you’ll need to learn a bit about the standards and regulations that apply to us to be effective. We don’t expect that you would know about these when you join us. Most of them are reasonable and merely require companies to show they are following best practices.

Sometimes you’ll work alongside the client’s engineering team, and other times you’ll work on a team of one, two, or three Innolitics engineers. If you’re the only engineer on a project, you’ll be primarily responsible for its success. Sometimes you may have more than one project at a time.

You’ll also contribute to Innolitics outside of client work. You may work on our open-source projects or other tools we build. You’ll also be encouraged to write articles to share your expertise.

Who are we looking for?

Someone who

It would also be helpful if you have experience with a couple of the technologies that we commonly use—Python, TypeScript, C++, Django, TensorFlow, React, and Qt—but please apply even if you're unfamiliar with these!

Why would you want to work for us? 🔗

Meaningful work 🔗

We only work on fulfilling projects—ones that we believe improve the world. For example, our current projects include software for radiation oncology clinics, a startup building an medical device to detect ear infections, open-source software used by neurosurgeons and researchers, software for tracking metastatic cancer, and several others.

You can see past projects in our portfolio.

Compensation 🔗

The salary for the position is $90k - $120k/year, depending on ability and experience. We also have overtime pay and bonuses.

Small and growing 🔗

We’re small, profitable, and growing quickly. If you work with us you can participate in our growth and help define the direction we move in. There will also be opportunities to grow your career. You can also wear many hats and contribute to the company beyond software development.

Talented and fun teammates 🔗

Work with a team of talented, mission-driven engineers who will help you become a better engineer. We're also a lot of fun and have a close-knit group, despite being fully-remote.

Stay relevant 🔗

We invest in the personal and professional development of all our team members. We dedicate two and a half hours on Wednesday afternoons to ongoing learning. Here is a list of our previous learning topics.

You’ll also have opportunities to change projects from time to time and be involved with many more.

Remote only 🔗

We’ve been remote-only since 2012. You can live wherever you want within the United States except for California, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Balance 🔗

We love what we do, but we also have lives outside of work. We have flexible work hours. We usually work 40 hours/week and have an overtime pay policy. It is rare to have people working during nights or weekends (unless they want to). Most individual contributors have only three or four meetings a week.

We provide two weeks of paid time off your first year, three weeks your second and third years, and four weeks for each year after that.

Benefits 🔗

We provide a 401(k), with Traditional and Roth options. Innolitics contributes 3% of salary per year to your 401(k) once you’ve worked with us for six months, and that money vests immediately. The 401(k) plan includes very low-cost index mutual funds, and we cover all the plan costs.

We provide company health insurance (read more about this in our handbook). We reimburse internet costs up to $100/month and provide a $500/year equipment stipend.

How to apply 🔗

Send an email to info@innolitics that includes

What happens after you apply 🔗

We’ll read your email and review your resume.

If we don’t think you’re a good fit, we’ll let you know. We probably won’t respond if you don’t live in the US or haven’t explained why you want to work at Innolitics in particular.

If it looks like you’re a good fit for the role, we’ll get in touch. Our typical interview process has four steps:

  1. 30-minute phone interview with David (our CEO).
  2. 30-minute technical interview with an engineer on our team.
  3. 30-minute technical interview with an engineer on our team.
  4. 60-minute higher-level technical interview with David and Yujan (our founders).


What if I don't know anything about medical devices?

That’s okay—most people on our team didn’t know much about medical devices when they joined. What is more important is that you’re interested in learning. If so, we can teach you what you need to know.

What if I don't know any of the "nice to have" technologies you listed?

Still apply! We’ve found that most good engineers can learn new technologies quickly if given a bit of breathing room. If we think you’re a strong engineer, we can help you learn these as needed.

What if I don't know HTML, CSS, or JavaScript?

If you feel like you are a good applicant in most other ways and you want to learn web-development skills, please consider applying to one of our internship positions (if available)!

These are typically two- or three-month contract-to-hire positions where you’ll work at a low initial salary as you learn web development or other skills. You can think of it as a web-development boot camp where you’re working on internal Innolitics projects and being provided hands-on training from our team.

How is success in the role measured?

Your success will be measured primarily by the value you provide to our clients and your contributions to Innolitics’ internal tools and processes.

We have in-depth performance reviews twice each year.

Why don't you hire people that live in California?

There are state tax implications that make hiring California residents too costly for us at this time.

What if I'd like to have more vacation time?

We are open to swapping a few weeks of vacation time for a lower salary. If you are interested in this, let us know.

What if I'd like to work four days a week?

We are open to this. Nobody on our team currently works a four-day weeks, so we’d need to think through some logistics a bit, but part of our mission is to provide flexible careers. Note that there are fixed-price costs associated with employees, thus the salary for a four-day week would be less than 80% of what it would be otherwise. If you are interested in this, let us know.

I'd like to know more about how you work.

Our company handbook contains a lot of useful information about how we work.