Innolitics’ History 🔗

Hi! We’re the co-founders of Innolitics, Yujan & David. We have the best job ever—accelerating progress in medical technology to help more patients, faster.

Innolitics’ story goes back to our freshman year of college, and we discovered a shared passion for medical imaging. That passion has evolved over the past 15+ years from college projects, to our first paid software gig during grad school, to this rapidly-growing company. Here’s how we got here:

We met in the Biomedical Engineering program at the University of Texas at Austin. From the outset, both of us had an interest in medical imaging. We worked on machine-learning algorithms for breast cancer detection in the Biomedical Informatics Lab, and another summer we worked on programming the control system for a near-field scanning optical microscope. After our senior year, we even developed a rudimentary pulse oximeter together.

Photo of the UT BME building's lobby
Yujan and David met while studying Biomedical Engineering at the University of Texas. This photo is of the BME building's lobby, which we moved into halfway through our time at UT.

After undergrad, Yujan went to medical school at the University of Texas Health Center at Houston, and David went to Boston University to work on a Ph.D. with a focus on optical microscopy.

We founded the company while in graduate school, along with a few other friends, to work on a small software project. Our original name was “EiPi Consulting,” a pun on Euler’s formula—a mathematical equation that is widely used in wave mechanics and electrical engineering. David enjoyed software engineering, and being an entrepreneur, enough that he stopped with a master’s degree. Yujan completed his medical degree, and then decided to apply his medical knowledge towards commercializing new medical technology.

In 2015, we changed our name to Innolitics and narrowed our focus to medical imaging. This narrow focus has allowed us to become medical imaging software experts and to our clients move new technology onto the market.

Photo of David and Yujan at the Airport
This photo is of Yujan and David at the airport during one of our first company retreats. Innolitics has been a fully distributed company since we were founded.

In early 2016 we hired our first two employees and have been steadily growing since.

In 2018, we collaboratively formalized our company mission statement. We believe our strength as a company is tied to our team-members’ shared mission.

During the trip when we collaboratively wrote our company mission, we visited the wonderful Computer History Museum.
The software application's exhibit included a brief section on medical imaging software.

We have continued to grow the team and develop new open-source projects. Our DICOM Standard Browser, which was one of our first tools to help the medical imaging community, now has over 10,000 visitors each month.

We look forward to continuing to help our ambitious clients move new medical imaging technology onto the market and reach their milestones faster than they thought possible.

Photo of the team on a pier in Los Angeles, during our 2019 retreat.
This photo is of the team on a pier in Los Angeles, during our 2019 company retreat.
Photo of all 12 of us 'holding hands' on a zoom call in 2020.
This screenshot was taken during one of our 10x-time Zoom calls.

In 2021, due to increasing interest in our software development processes and regulatory experience, we shifted our focus from medical imaging to medical device software.