The 10x Engineer

At Innolitics, we strive to be 10x engineers. We certainly don't claim that we are truly 10x better than the average software engineer, and it seems unreasonable to even believe you could know that if you were. Still, everyone on our team is passionate about software development and is striving to be the best we can be.

This section of our website contains various content highlighting how we strive to be 10x engineers. Every week we read a technical article or work on a mini-project, and discuss it as a team. You can view a list of articles we have discussed here. We write articles to solidify our know-how. Occasionally, when an interesting discussion originates from a code review, we extract it out into a case study. Finally, we have an ever-evolving and growing discussion of our software development philosophy and best practices.

If you are a software engineer, we hope that you find this content useful and interesting. Perhaps it can help you strive to also be a 10x engineer.