FDA Additional Information Request Response

Receiving an Additional Information Request (also known as an AI Request or Hold Letter) from the FDA is a common yet critical juncture in the medical device clearance process. With about two-thirds of submissions encountering this hurdle, it's a scenario many companies face, yet it remains a pivotal moment that can significantly impact your business's future.

Once you’ve been issued a Hold Letter, you will have an opportunity to meet with FDA shortly thereafter. You will then have 180 calendar days to respond. If you don’t respond in time, your 510(k) will be deleted and you will need to re-submit, restarting the original 510(k) clock.

We understand the complexities and high stakes involved in responding to FDA's AI Requests, especially when they pertain to the rapidly evolving fields of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) and cybersecurity within medical devices.

A timeline showing showing the 510(k) process and typical interactions between the FDA and the manufacturer. The 510(k) clock pauses once the FDA hold letter has been issued. We can help develop an effective response to Hold Letters. We have especially deep expertise related to major findings related to cybersecurity and AI/ML models.

Our Specialized Services

Cybersecurity Deficiencies

With the FDA's increased focus on cybersecurity for medical devices, many companies are receiving multiple major cybersecurity deficiencies. Our service for addressing these include:

  • Providing technical guidance to quickly address the deficiencies and present the changes to FDA.
  • Formulating effective responses to FDA to push back on unreasonable requests.
  • Providing perspective on what FDA has accepted on other cybersecurity submissions so you can make appropriate judgement calls around how far to go when addressing deficiencies.

AI/ML Deficiencies

The integration of AI and ML in medical devices presents unique regulatory challenges. Our team of engineering and regulatory experts are equipped to address AI/ML-related deficiencies in your AI Request by:

  • Identifying opportunities to address FDA’s
  • Assisting in the development and documentation of robust validation and verification strategies for AI/ML algorithms.
  • Navigating the regulatory landscape for adaptive AI/ML technologies, ensuring compliance while facilitating innovation.

Software Deficiencies

Our combined engineering and regulatory expertise enables us to rapidly fill in software-related deficiencies. Our approach is designed to navigate these challenges with precision:

  • Guidance adhering to the FDA's latest software and Off-The-Shelf (OTS) guidance.
  • Comprehensive 510(k) submission templates and detailed guidance, specifically designed for software components of medical devices.
  • Collaborative Document Drafting—we can work closely with your engineering team to rapidly develop and finalize any missing documents. Our hands-on approach ensures that your submission is both complete.

Why Choose Us

  • Experience: Our team has seasoned professionals with firsthand knowledge of FDA regulatory processes, including specialized expertise in AI/ML and cybersecurity for medical devices. We combine this experience with modern software development expertise in a way most regulatory firms can’t.
  • Timeliness: Understanding the critical nature of the 180-day response window, we prioritize efficient and effective action to prevent any delays in your product's approval process.
  • Collaborative Approach: We work closely with your team, ensuring that our strategies align with your product's unique features and the specific concerns raised in the AI Request.

Moving Forward

Receiving a Hold Letter is not the end, but it is a crucial step in the journey towards FDA clearance. When you bring us onto your team, you're not just getting regulatory consultants; you're gaining partners committed to navigating these challenges alongside you, ensuring that your innovative medical devices reach the market with the necessary compliance and security measures in place.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in responding effectively to AI/ML and cybersecurity findings in your FDA regulatory process.

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