Current Positions

We don't always remember to, but we try to announce all new positions on Twitter @innolitics.

Working with Us

Work on something that matters

We only work on fulfilling projects—ones that we believe make the world a better place. For example, our current projects include software for radiation oncology clinics, a startup building an imaging device to detect ear infections, open-source software used by neurosurgeons and researchers, software for a startup building a new imaging modality, and several other interesting projects.

You can see past projects in our portfolio.

We are Remote Only

We've been remote only from the start, and we plan on keeping it that way. You can live wherever you want within the continental United States except California (sorry Alaska, Hawaii, and California), and you must be authorized to work in the United States.

Paid time off

We provide two weeks of paid time off your first year, three weeks your second and third years, and four weeks for each year beyond. We encourage you to use it. We recognize that happy and well-rested developers are successful developers. We only ask that if you go somewhere exotic for vacation, you share photos with your co-workers!

The Innolitics retreats

We meet once each year to have some fun and get face time with one another. The retreats usually begin Thursday afternoon and end Saturday afternoon. The destination always changes. Previous retreats have been in Austin, Nashville, Dallas, New York City, Boulder, Houston, and San Francisco.

Up your game

We invest in the personal and professional development of all our team members. We dedicate Wednesday afternoons to learning. We use this time to learn about new tools and techniques and discuss a wide array of topics related to our field. Here is a list of our previous learning topics; it's OK if you are unfamiliar with these topics, but they should interest you.


We have Traditional and Roth 401(k) options. Innolitics contributes 3% of salary per year to your 401(k) on your behalf, and that money vests immediately. The 401(k) plan includes very low-cost index mutual funds, and we cover all the plan costs.

We offer a few different medical insurance plans. If you opt out of company health insurance, we will reimburse you the same amount we contribute to employees in the plan (approximately $1200/year). See our handbook for more details.

We offer bonuses based on performance and how profitable the company performs each year.

We reimburse internet and some equipment expenses (see our handbook for details).

Our company handbook

Our company handbook contains a lot of useful information about how we work.