Innolitics Portfolio

Our team has worked on 25 client projects across the United States since we were founded in 2012.

Project durations range from a month up to several years. We still work with our first and oldest client from 2012.

In addition to selected client projects, we also present two of our own applications and a few of our open source software projects.

Client Projects (Incomplete)


2017 | Boston, MA | MATLAB port, performance optimization

Brain Registration Software Port

CorticoMetrics company logo

Mobius Medical Systems

2015 | Houston, TX | Software development, image processing, DICOM

CT/CBCT Alignment and Long-Term Engineering Support

Mobius Medical Systems company logo


2017 | Champaign, IL | Embedded development, UI/UX, regulatory documentation

Improving Diagnostic Techniques in the Middle Ear

PhotoniCare company logo

Computerized Imaging Reference Systems (CIRS)

2016 | Norfolk, VA | Machine learning, image processing, web development, UI/UX

MRI Distortion Check

CIRS company logo

Magnetic Insight

2015 | San Francisco, CA | software development, native UI, image processing, DICOM

MPI Control and Processing Software

Magnetic Insight company logo

InVivo Analytics

2016 | New York, NY | Web development, 3D viewer, image processing

Preclinical Imaging Analysis Platform

InVivo Analytics company logo

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

2015 | Baton Rouge, LA | Web development, EMR integration

Dosimetry Dashboard

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center logo

Matrix MD

2014 | Houston, TX | Web development, clinical workflows, EMR Integration, HIPAA

Clinical Decision-Making Tool

Matrix MD Logo

Internal Projects

Open Source Software

Logo for our High Dimensionality Algorithm Testing Python Framework.
Natural neighbor interpolation project
DICOM-Numpy Logo