Hit Your Next Milestone, Faster

We help medical imaging companies win grants, 510(k) clearance, enterprise sales, and beyond.

What's Your Next Milestone?

We can help you meet it ahead of schedule:

  • Win a multi-million dollar SBIR grant and move your research into patient's lives.
  • Get past the overwhelm of FDA regulations, develop working software, and clear your first 510(k).
  • Sell to more enterprise customers, with PACS and EMR integrations.

Medical Imaging Expertise

Unlike less specialized software engineering teams, we can move fast. We know the industry:

  • Medical user interface design, human-factors engineering, and IEC62366-1
  • Medical device software life cycle processes and IEC62304
  • FDA cybersecurity and HIPAA
  • 510(k) submissions and the quality system regulation
  • DICOM and PACS integrations
  • Image registration, including intra- and intermodality, 3D-to-3D, 2D-to-2D, 2D-to-3D, rigid, and deformable
  • Deep neural networks powered image segmentation and classification
  • Imaging physics, image reconstruction, and signal processing

Software Development Expertise

We are also 10x software-engineers:

  • Full stack web-development
  • Custom “zero-footprint” (i.e., web-based) medical image viewers
  • TypeScript, React, Sass and Django
  • Deep learning model development and testing
  • Numerical computing and algorithm development
  • Embedded systems and real-time image processing
  • Python, C++, Rust, C, CUDA, and MATLAB

Our Clients Include

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