Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan, Software Engineer, AI/ML

Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan


Joined: February 13, 2023


C++ Python Graphs AI/ML Algorithms Image Analysis Signal Analysis Deployment DevOps Docker Git


I am a seasoned software engineer with a rich background in research and a strong advocate for open science. Holding a Ph.D. in Physics (Biophysics), my expertise lies in the structural analysis of soft-matter. With over 5 years of hands-on experience in medical imaging, I have made significant contributions to open-source projects like ITK, VTK, and Slicer. My skills encompass image processing, network/graph analysis, and programming in Python and C++. Additionally, I have 3 years of deep learning experience, specializing in supervised learning via PyTorch (MONAI) and generative networks (GAN).


Tech, Cards Games (Magic TG), Board games, Padel, Camping, Camper-Van, Outdoor life, Raise children, Vim.