Grace Adams, Software Engineer

Grace Adams


Joined: October 16, 2020


Algorithms: Image processing AI/ML model development Tensorflow Numpy Data management: Analysis processing and visualization SciPy UI Development: React PyQt HTML CSS JavaScript Backend: Django Flask Python C++ CouchDB MySQL Testing: pytest selenium CI/CD with GitHub actions


I am a software engineer. I’ve been developing medical device software for 3+ years. I’ve worked on a variety of projects; including AI/ML experiments, custom UIs, and image processing algorithms, all with a focus on the customer’s needs and patient safety. I have a BS in Computer Science from Texas State University. My work experience includes being an Airborne Mandarin Linguist for the US Air Force and I am a trained chef. I am passionate about creating medical devices to improve the health of as many patients as possible.


Boardgames, reading, cooking, baking