JavaScript (WIP)


This lesson provides reference resources to learn—or relearn—JavaScript as well as articles about several subtopics.

Learning Material

General JavaScript

  • MDN’s JavaScript Guide
  • Eloquent JavaScript provides a more thorough explanation of some topics but may be too basic for developers who are already experienced in other languages.

JavaScript Subtopics

  • If you thought the Python 2 to Python 3 transition was bad, you may not be thrilled to hear that there are several versions of “modern” JS. ES-Everything: an ECMA Explainer describes how versions are identified (ES5, ES2015, ESNext, etc.) as well as the associated technologies (transpilers, polyfills, etc.) that allow JS code written today to run on browsers that were released nearly a decade ago.
  • You Don’t Know JS: this & Object Prototypes is an excellent explanation of this.
  • ECMAScript 6 — New Features: Overview & Comparison is a helpful reference for features introduced in ES6. If you learned an older dialect of JS, modern JS may not look very familiar. This reference can help familiarize you with many of the new features and updated syntax.


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