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Joshua Tzucker, Senior Software Engineer

Joshua Tzucker


Hired: July 12, 2021


Full-Stack Web Development TypeScript JavaScript NodeJS Python Django React Svelte CSS Docker Type-Safety / Type-Checkers DevOps Documentation Marketing


I’m a full-stack software engineer that enjoys being a generalist, but also leans towards web development. I’m self-taught (my degree is in business) and also constantly learning - seeking out knowledge, exploring new technologies, and self-improvement are all big pieces of who I am as a developer and what I enjoy. I am also really into sharing information, documentation, and generally helping others - I have (and often link to) a large mono-repo of tech docs ( and my blog, I enjoy answering questions, and I tend to take and share a lot of notes.


Watching TV, reading, writing, working on random coding side projects (mostly web apps or CLIs), learning new things. I really like dogs, but can’t have any in my apartment, so I have to settle for watching dog videos and visiting with my parents’ two dogs a lot.