Brain Registration Software Port

For CorticoMetrics

Project Started in 2017


The work conducted by Innolitics to complete a complex software port of a core module of our clinical product was outstanding. The clinical product must by cleared by the FDA, and as such, we needed the highest quality workmanship, and close collaboration with a dispersed team. Innolitics performed exceedingly well in gathering requirements, researching, developing and implementing a design, and providing test modules and documentation. Their team's understanding of medical imaging analysis software, and FDA quality processes, was key to the success of the project.

Nick Schmansky
Co-Founder and CEO of CorticoMetrics
(and involved with FreeSurfer)

Project Description

CorticoMetrics is bringing quantitative neuroimaging to clinical settings for better patient care. They are developing applications to improve accuracy and sensitivity of information for detection and diagnosis.

Transition MATLAB codebase to Python

For CorticoMetrics we ported a complex numerical algorithm from MATLAB to Python, while preserving the precise numerical outputs of the algorithm. [See Fast and sequence-adaptive whole-brain segmentation using parametric Bayesian modeling.] The module uses sophisticated warping techniques to map a given MRI brain scan to a standard atlas. This mapping then allows for the identification and measurement of brain regions.

To do this we:

This task drew heavily on our understanding of different sides of the problem:

Corticometrics Brain View
Corticometrics Brain View
Another Corticometrics Brain View
Another Corticometrics Brain View