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Innolitics has been invaluable in developing some components of our cloud-based analysis software for preclinical imaging. They expertly implemented an AI tool for the analysis of DICOM data and helped us with training and optimizing a prototype neural network. Their developers work independently, handling complex challenges with ease, and deliver top-quality results. It's been a pleasure working with the dedicated and professional team at Innolitics, and we highly recommend their services.
Alex Klose, PhD

Alex Klose, PhD

CTO and Co-Founder at InVivo Analytics

The Problem

InVivo Analytics is a small academic startup that was interested in our software development services because of our expertise in medical imaging. InVivo Analytics is developing hardware and software to enable fully automated analysis of preclinical imaging studies.

They were looking to build a new team for developing their software, since their existing software partner didn’t have medical-imaging expertise and was making slow progress.

The Outcome

We took over their existing product and delivered working software to their company in a shorter timeline than expected.

The Solution

We helped InVivo Analytics extend the existing visualization, data analysis, and 3D image reconstruction features of their web application. We also designed and developed:

  • 2D and 3D Region-Of-Interest (ROI) editors
  • Image-viewers with adjustable windowing and leveling
  • A system for custom report generation
  • A flexible charting and data exploration tool.

The ROI editor and image-viewers used our React medical image user-interface library.

An interactive, web-based 3D ROI editor. Users modify the regions of images that are important for analysis using an intuitive, Microsoft Paint-like interface.
InVivoPlot hardware simplifies tomographic imaging of bioluminescent reporters in small animals by enabling the capture of four simultaneous images.
The web application streamlines statistical analysis in preclinical imaging studies where animals are divided into cohorts.
Various metrics are calculated based on the ROIs set for each project, cohort, and image. The data from these charts is also exported in CSV files.

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