Magnetic Particle Imaging Control and Processing Software

Magnetic Insight

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The Problem

Magnetic Insight was looking for a software-development partner to collaborate with on the developing a pre-clinical magnetic particle imaging platform.

Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) is a new imaging modality that directly detects iron oxide nanoparticle tracers using time-varying magnetic fields.

Magnetic Insight is developing an MPI system capable of producing the world’s highest sensitivity and finest resolution MPI images. Applications of MPI include cancer imaging, cell tracking, and angiography.

A CAD rendering of the MOMENTUM MPI scanner
Volume rendering of MPI perfusion.
A mouse image captured using MI software.

The Solution

Magnetic insight brought us onboard to aid in the design and implementation of their imaging software. We collaborated closely with their in-house hardware and software teams. Our role on the project involved:

  • Architecting and developing the sequence generation pipeline
  • Developing a custom DICOM exporter that fits within the standard as closely as possible (given MPI is a new modality)
  • Designing and developing a desktop user interface
  • Setting up a continuous integration and deployment pipeline
  • Architecting and developing a task runner for acquiring and processing 2D and 3D image data
  • Ensuring certain portions of the software work on both Windows and macOS.

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