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We commissioned Innolitics to build a dashboard that integrated with our radiation-oncology EMR. Their team’s clinical experience greatly simplified communication and their perceptive questions and suggestions helped us arrive at a better set of requirements for the project. The final result was clean, easy for our doctors to use, and has already improved the efficiency of our workflow.
Jonas Fontenot, PhD

Jonas Fontenot, PhD

President and CEO of Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

The Problem

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center was grappling with a challenge in their patient management workflow, particularly the CT simulation procedures. The existing system lacked a streamlined communication channel between physicians and technicians, leading to possible inefficiencies and misunderstandings in conveying CT simulation directives. Additionally, there was no efficient mechanism for technicians to document simulation procedures or generate transferable PDF records for the Mosaiq EMR. They also lacked a consolidated and searchable dashboard for currently active simulation directives.

The Outcome

Innolitics developed a custom software platform that integrates with Mosaiq EMR, streamlining the workflow. The platform has worked with minimal maintenance for 8 years now. Innolitics has continued to provide ongoing support.

The Solution

We used an agile development process to identify the key requirements, identify the best strategy for deployment and integration, and then have deployed and maintained the software for Mary Bird Perkins.

  • The client used to struggle with manual documentation of simulation procedures and generating PDF records for Mosaiq EMR, but our software has enabled our technicians to automate these processes, dramatically improving accuracy and efficiency.
  • Before, they lacked a central, searchable system for tracking active simulation directives; we developed a highly functional dashboard that has improved our tracking efficiency by at least 50%, significantly enhancing their workflow.
  • Despite their worries about data security and the protection of sensitive patient information, our solution provided adequately protected with password features and ensured that our hospital IT network could provide the necessary firewalls for external security.
Screenshot of the custom dashboard we developed for the client, which integrates with the Mosaiq EMR.

About Jonas Fontenot

Jonas Fontenot, Ph.D.
President and CEO at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

Dr. Jonas Fontenot, a distinguished leader in the field of Medical Physics, currently serves as the President and CEO of Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, a position he's held since 2023. With an educational background rooted in Physics from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette and a Ph.D. in Medical Physics from the prestigious University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Dr. Fontenot has built a career marked by both academic and professional excellence. He is also an author of five prominent scientific publications on themes of Machine-Learning applications in radiation therapy, and Oncological dosimetry and therapy correlations.

About Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center is Louisiana's leading cancer care organization, caring for more patients each year than any other facility in the region.

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