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CT/CBCT Alignment and Long-Term Engineering Support
Mobius Medical Systems

Mobius Medical Systems (recently acquired by Varian Medical Systems) produces radiation oncology treatment planning quality assurance (QA) software. The software is capable of double checking the planned dose calculated by a treatment planning system, ensuring the planned dose is within safe limits for critical radiosensitive structures (e.g. spinal cord, optic nerve, etc), and ensuring the dose actually delivered during treatment matches what was intended.

We were brought on by Mobius to help implement an automatic, quantitative comparison between planning CT images and pre-treatment CBCT images to detect patient positioning errors and anatomical changes. Patients usually have planning CT images taken days or even weeks before starting radiation therapy. The treatment plan is computed and optimized based on the planning CT images. Fast CBCT images are taken minutes before treatment to ensure the alignment of the patient relative to the planning CT images is acceptable. We helped turn the once manual and qualitative process of alignment assessment into an automatic and quantitative one.

After the CT/CBCT alignment project, our role grew to encompass the following:

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