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We needed a team that would get it done right the first time and independently. As a physician, I was delighted to work with another physician engineer on the team that was able to implement complex clinical workflows with very little input from me or my team. Innolitics delivered ahead of schedule and exceeded expectations.
Dr. Mark Rosenberg, DO, MBA, FACEP, FAAHPM, FACHT

Dr. Mark Rosenberg, DO, MBA, FACEP, FAAHPM, FACHT

Co-Founder and Chairman of Retrieve Medical

The Problem

Retrieve needed an experienced software team to help accelerate development of their flagship project.

The Outcome

We implemented several software modules, helping the team meat their internal deadlines.

The Solution

We brought two engineers on the project, gathered and refined requirements for the new modules, iterated on a design with the client, implemented them, along with automated tests. Our software development work complied with their existing coding standards and approach.

A screenshot of one of the modules we developed.

About Dr. Mark Rosenberg

Dr. Mark Rosenberg, DO, MBA, FACEP, FAAHPM, FACHT Co-founder and Chairman, Retrieve Medical

Dr. Mark Rosenberg came to Retrieve Medical in 2019 to assume the role of Chairman of the Board. He brings 45 years of diverse experience which include hospital and clinical leadership, business ventures and innovation and leadership roles within the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). Dr. Rosenberg had the privilege of serving as President of ACEP during the Covid pandemic representing over 40,000 emergency physicians.

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