React Slicer Toolkit

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React Slicer Toolkit (RST) is a framework to render medical images in the browser. RST can render sets of 2D and 3D image data from a variety of file formats, including DICOM. The framework has helped our developers expediently build custom medical image viewers for many different applications.

One publicly available application built with RST is ViewMyScans (Figures 1 & 2). This website displays 3D medical images entirely in the browser. The React Slicer Toolkit laid much of the groundwork for this application, which made ViewMyScans a straightforward application to build.

React Slicer Toolkit is an evolving project that continues to improve. Each time our team uses the toolkit for a new project, we account for more edge cases and build on the library’s extensibility. This makes it suitable for a wide range of advanced imaging web applications. React Slicer Toolkit can get you started with an advanced imaging web application quickly and gracefully.

NOTE: We now suggest using the widely-adopted OHIF library instead of react slicer toolkit.

Screenshot from a DICOM image opened in “View My Scans”, which uses React Slicer Toolkit.

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